Saskatoon is a vibrant city. Located in the central portion of the province of Saskatchewan, this city is quickly becoming a hot spot for those who want to live, work, and raise a family. With over 60 neighbourhoods, there is an area for every taste, need and want. Some neighbourhoods have been around since the founding of the city itself. Others have been recently planned and created in order to accommodate the city’s growth. One of them is Aspen Ridge. Located in northeast Saskatoon, this suburban neighbourhood is expected to become one of the most sought-after residential locations.

Population density is not going to be an issue for people living in Aspen Ridge and working in the city. Carefully planned highways, roads and streets allow for easy and steadfast mobility within the neighbourhood and all other parts of the city. Modern roadways known as Complete Streets are key to transportation in Aspen Ridge. Designed with pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and motorists in mind, these roadways make mobility accessible for everyone. As the neighbourhood develops into a community, Complete Streets will also allow for all modes of transportation to be connected, allowing for shorter commutes.

Another key highlight of Aspen Ridge is its relation to nature. Surrounded by natural prairie spaces, the city planners have thoughtfully designed Aspen Ridge with preservation at its core. Nearby the neighbourhood limits is the Northeast Swale, which features some of the last remaining Plains Rough Fescue. The Greenway, a transitional park that acts as a buffer for the Northeast Swale, is also close by, offering residents an area to do a variety of outdoor activities such as cycling, walking, or running. In addition to its natural landscape, Aspen Ridge also features a variety of open spaces that interweave with its natural landscape. Trails, parks, playgrounds, and more are there for the community to enjoy and gather around. Whether you want to take a brisk walk by yourself or are planning outdoor activities with your family connecting with nature will be as easy as stepping outside.

Here at Westbow, we are committed to building high-quality homes that provide lasting value. We recognize Aspen Ridge’s potential to turn from a residential area to a neighbourhood, to a community -and are eager to take part in this journey. Our designers have created ten beautiful West Coast inspired homes that feature a variety of layouts and floorplans, giving you the option to choose which style fits your family’s needs best.

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